Property Settlement after Divorce or Separation

Here’s What You Should Know Going through a divorce or separation can be a stressful time for all parties concerned and having to deal with the division of assets and liabilities/debts can be an arduous long-drawn-out process if not handled properly. Property settlements should be dealt with according to the law as informal do-it-yourself settlements, … [Read more…]

Land Rover Discovery Sport vs. Competition

First introduced in 2014 the Land Rover Discovery Sport was launched to bring down the price point of the British brand to make it more accessible to a wider audience and to replace the ageing Freelander 2, which was dipping in popularity affecting sales. The Land Rover Discovery Sport competes with other popular compact SUV … [Read more…]

Macrame can be a great hobby for you

Apart from being a pastime, Macrame is a centuries-old art form that Arabs invented in the thirteenth century. It’s something creative that involves work to produce stunning wall hangings, jewelry, plant holders, and other home accents. Due to its fantastic crafts and resurgence in popularity, Macrame has today become quite popular. They chose it as … [Read more…]