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Choosing a Gift for a Child Based on Age

Buying a gift for a child can be a difficult task, even for your child and it’s even more of a task if you are not the parent and have to do some guesswork about what the child may appreciate without adding to their toy clutter. Often, the real difficulty with choosing a gift for a child is not the availability of choice; it’s the decision of what to base your choice on.   

You may have several questions come to mind; do I get something unique? Will it be useful? Or, what can I get for a baby who has everything? One tried and tested way to simplify the process is to consider gifts by age, baby gifts Australia has a selection classified by age to make choosing easier and faster. Should you walk into a gift store that does not have children’s toys grouped by age, consider the key requirement and the dos and don’ts for the child’s age group to help you. 

Here are some parameters to look for by age group to give you an idea of what to choose.  

Below 1 Year

As they start to experience the world around them using their senses, toys that stimulate the 5 senses are great choices for this age. Look for sensory toys. Playmats and bright colours and toys that make pleasant sounds. The toy must be non-toxic as there will be a lot of chewing and biting of the toy at this developmental stage. Teething toys are also a great choice.


One-year-old children are curious, they communicate and move with their entire bodies and are at a developmental stage where they want to take things apart, and try to put them back together again, pulling, pushing, prodding, opening and closing are all highly engaging for a one-year-old. The gift you choose for them should allow them to engage with it similarly.


By the time they get to 2 years, they have started to observe the adult world around them to engage in pretend play. Buy them cars, toy phones, dolls, kitchen sets and baby watering cans to water the plants along with their parent.   


When they get to three years, children are social and imaginative. Buy them puzzles that they can solve alone or with other children and fancy-dress costumes to allow them to roleplay. They also like huggable teddy bears and dolls as bedtime companions.


At this stage, their imagination is developing at a faster rate and you may want to choose something that allows them to express themselves in an imaginative, creative way like painting or dressing up. They will like to play with puppets for pretend play. They also like outdoor play at this stage, like running, jumping, and tumbling. A trampoline or a sandbox can provide hours of fun for a 4-year-old.


They have entered school-going age and by this time are truly social. Help them cultivate their social skills with board games and any toy that involve group play.

Kristofer Conner