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Different Types of Phone Cases

Mobile phones have come a long way and accessories related to phones have also developed over time. There are so many types of phone cases today and if you were to walk into a store or browse online, it can take a long time for you to choose something you like due to the multitude of choices.

Many people still prefer to use simple phone cases and these designs are classic and timeless. But there is a bit of fun and excitement in using a phone case with a vibrant design or colour. There are also ornamental and decorative features that are included in phone cases that can further add to its aesthetics. For example, there are phone cases that are studded with tiny gems, sequins and even have added key chains and plush animals. In the beginning, protective cases were not used but over time the sizes, thickness and weight of phones have reduced which require protective casing. Many people use phone cases as a fashion statement in addition to protection. There are so many colour schemes and designs which allow you to put your own personality into the aesthetics of the phone. You can find many such designs on Core Colour.

There are different materials used for phone cases today and they come with different features as well. If you are someone who prefers not to change the weight of the actual phone in your hand, a skin is a good option. This can be vinyl or silicone rubber. It is a flexible phone cover option and you will barely feel the difference. You can clean them easily and find them at affordable prices. As the thickness is generally little, you may not get a lot of protection from this. A bumper cover will use thin rubber strips to wrap around the edges of the phone. You can find this in different colours. The remaining part of the phone case is transparent. These are more of a fashion statement as their level of protection is low.

For anyone looking to completely protect the phone with the cover, a holster is a good option. These can be made of nylon, leather and synthetic leather. However, these phone cases can be quite bulky and the cost will go up if it is made out of real leather. Shell plastic covers will cover the back of the phone and these are made of hard plastic that is very durable. You can effectively protect your phone against minor bumps but it will not protect the phone screen.

There are heavy metal phone covers that are excellent if you are in the habit of dropping your phone a lot. While it can increase the weight of the phone, the improved strength and protection can be worth the trade-off. Pouches are made of soft materials and they can protect the phone from scratches and bumps. You can find these in canvas, leather and fabric. But if you are clumsy, this will not be a good option as the materials will not protect against a fall. And using a pouch can be a little difficult on a daily. There are flip covers made of synthetic materials or leather and they will cover the phone at the back, front and the sides. While these tend to be bulky, they offer a high level of protection.

Kristofer Conner