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Guide to Using an Exhaust Fan with Light for the Bathroom

Functionality and aesthetics should be considered when it comes to designing bathrooms. Some critical factors that should be considered here are lighting and proper ventilation. And both these can be satisfied by using an exhaust fan with a light.

When choosing a bathroom fan and light which comes in one unit, it can be very convenient in removing unpleasant odours and moisture form the bathroom along with enhancing visibility. You can create a well-lit space in the bathroom thanks to this. Many bathrooms will not have sufficient natural light and this can be a good alternative.

You need to have proper ventilation in the bathroom because if moisture is trapped inside the space, this can give rise to the growth of mould and mildew. With proper ventilation, unpleasant smells can be removed improving quality of indoor air. When there is excess humidity in the bathroom, it can cause damage to the wallpaper or paint. This will require replacement of the wall and ceiling finishes more frequently contributing to a higher cost in the long run. There are so many options you can select when it comes to an exhaust fan integrated with lighting. To select the right option, you have to consider the size of the bathroom and your lighting preferences. The level of moisture of the space has to be considered as well.

There has to be sufficient airflow capacity in the fan

This is measured by CFM or cubic feet per minute. Always for higher CFM ratings if you have a larger bathroom or a bathroom that has a high level of moisture. And when it comes to lighting, you can look for LED options as these are more energy efficient and can offer reliability. You can install the exhaust fan on your own unless it is specified on the product that it requires professional installation. You need to choose the right location for the exhaust fan so that ventilation and light are evenly distributed. A central location is therefore preferred. The fan should be connected to the ventilation ducts so that moisture and odours can be channelled outdoors. You need to direct the ducts away from the house because otherwise this would come into the house again defeating the purpose of the exhaust fan.

There has to be proper electrical wiring according to safety regulations

It is always best to consult an electrician for this. You should not be venting the exhaust into a confined space such as the attic as this can give rise to moisture related issues. There are certain things you can do to increase the efficiency of the exhaust fan. You need to use it during and after showers so that moisture levels can be controlled effectively. There are fans that come with smart controls or timers so that you can adjust the settings according to your preferences. This way, you don’t have to remember to switch this on all the time.

Kristofer Conner