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How to Choose Fabric for a Quilt?

Quilting is a popular hobby and it can help you explore your creativity. You will be able to create meaningful gifts for your loved ones after you pick up this craft. One of the first things to do when planning to quilt is choose a fabric. There are many fabric choices available so you need to consider what the final result looks like in your mind before you select one.

Creating a quilt can take quite some time so you need to make a good decision regarding the colour and the texture of the fabric. There are many fabric collections that are curated by designers which will help you make a choice. When you choose from curated quilting fabric Australia, the decision of coordinating colours will be made for you by a professional designer. You will save a lot of time when you purchase from such a collection and you can be sure that the final result is a harmonious whole. The colours in the collection will be pre-coordinated and there will be sufficient contrast to create interest. You can experiment with different prints as well as long as they have a similar stream. You can use different prints that have different shapes that complement each other. The scale of the pattern has to be considered as well. Make sure that you have a good mix that will allow you to create a united design.

Fabric collections are put together after considering colours and different scales that go well together. There are so many colour combinations that you can try in a quilt. You can look for inspiration in nature, photographs etc. There are also online sites such as Pinterest that give a lot of inspiration when it comes to complementary colours.  If you are in a difficult position when choosing fabric, you can simplify the process by focusing on a primary fabric. Once you choose this, you can match the rest of the colour theme to it. So try to look at different prints and see what speaks to your preferences. This is a great starting point to choosing fabric. You can even use the same colours that are in the print. This will make choosing fabric very easy.

Think about the intensity of the colours you are using. Try to maintain the same level of intensity or warmth. This way, you can have a uniform theme for the quilt. For example, you can use muted hues and colours for a quilt to create a cosy artwork. It is easier when you pick different shades of the same colour when selecting colours. Think about the warmth or coolness of the colour. If you are going for a quilt with warm colours, you can explore yellows, oranges, reds etc. For cooler colours, you can look for blues and greens. You can also create a quilt by using different shades of one colour such as shades of blue, shades of green etc. But make sure that you include a wider range in the shades so that there is sufficient interest. If the shades are too close together, the quilt can look a little flat.

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