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How to Install Roof Rack Accessories?

A roof rack comes in very useful when you are off-roading or vacationing. You will be able to store a lot of items that are unwieldy and will not fit inside the vehicle and eat up space. A roof rack has crossbars and a base that will allow you to attach different accessories and gear to it.

Some of the common gear that is attached to a roof rack are cargo boxes, storage, snowboard racks, bike racks, light bar roof mounts and rooftop tents. You will be able to carry more cargo with a roof rack as it can handle a lot of weight but you need to be aware of the limitations so that you don’t overload the vehicle. A bike roof rack is commonly used with roof racks. There are roof bike racks and hitch bike racks. The roof bike rack can be mounted to the roof rack. For each bike you are loading, you will need a separate rack. You need to make sure that the vehicle model is compatible with the rack. For trucks, you will be able to use a hitch bike rack as they have a hitch receiver. But most small cars will have to use a bike roof rack. You need to make sure that the bike rack you choose can support the capacity you are looking for and that it comes with a good warranty. Look at the sturdiness of the straps and how well the locks can be secured.

A kayak roof rack is another accessory if you are a fan of kayaking. If you are going on your vacation with more than one vehicle, you need to consider which vehicle will be carrying the kayaks most of the time. It is best to choose the vehicle that is closer to the ground. With a higher vehicle, you will have to use a step ladder every time you unload the kayaks. A short car that has a wide flat roof will be ideal for a kayak roof rack. You have to consider how many kayaks you are travelling with as well. This will be determined by the roof type of the vehicle. The length of the bar or kayak roof rack has to be determined by the width of the car. Generally, you can carry the kayas flat on the roof. But you can use a stacker to transport it on its side. The dimensions of your kayak will determine what straps are selected.

You need to consider the type of your surfboard and the make of the car when you choose a soft surfboard rack. You can put one rack across the front of the vehicle. The back of the car above the rear doors can support the second rack. There are straps that come with the soft racks. The longer straps are for the ends of the racks. When you are installing a snowboard roof rack, you have to check the strength of the crossbars before the installation. The mounting clamps can be attached to the crossbars and the carrier can then be mounted onto it. Check whether the roof rack is loose by shaking the rack. When you have gear fixed onto the roof rack of a higher car, you need to make sure that you can access the gear easily. This can be done by installing a tyre step.

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