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How to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower?

If your friend is pregnant and you need to make sure that she is delighted, you will have to try your level best to do something special for her. This is indeed one of the best seasons of her life so you being there to add colour to it and make it more interesting will surely be of immense help to her. Read on and find out a few essential tips which will help you as you strive to plan the perfect baby shower for your friend.

Decide on the date

You need to make sure that you try your level best to fix the date as soon as you can. This will give you the chance to make sure that the event is a grand success for sure. You can speak to her partner and find out more about her availability on the dates that she will be free. This will make it easier for you to ensure that you get the date that she will be finding comfortable too.

Don’t wait till it’s too late to organize the event as you never know when she will go in to labour! The last trimester is a good time but try to have it in the early part so you will be able to make sure that she will be comfortable during this time. Try as much as you can to make sure that you decide everything in the right manner so you will be able to ensure that she will be happier on the day.

Invite friends

You will also have to get together her friends and loved ones for the event. You will once again have to speak to her spouse and find out more about the people whom she wants to have on the day. You will have to let them know about the date as well as the venue of the event well in advance. Get a rough head count so you will get the chance to plan the refreshments as well as the other activities for the day. This will give you all the chance to enjoy yourselves to the fullest.

Make the gift registry

You will then have to plan a good gift registry too. This way you will be able to make sure that you plan out all the activities in the right manner. You need to get the support of her partner as you figure out which items to include in the registry. You can all pool in and buy one big ticket item as well if you like. You can have items which she will need in it for sure. Baby gift boxes are great options to consider for sure.

Plan activities

You can plan activities to help everyone who comes for the party enjoy themselves. Try to look for ideas and inspiration online. You can do some delightful games in order to make the event a truly memorable one.

Hope these tips and suggestions will help you as you strive to make your friend truly happy on her special day!

Kristofer Conner

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