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How to Select a Breast Pump?

There are many options when it comes to breast pumps such as double pumps, electric breast pumps, lightweight portable pumps etc. A breast pump can give you a lot of convenience and flexibility and there are some things to consider before you choose what is best for your lifestyle.

You need to consider how frequently you will be using the breast pump. If you stay at home with the baby and only occasionally leave the baby, you will not need any complicated equipment. You can use a simple hand pump. This is a cone shaped shield that you can place on your breast to express the milk. But if you are a working mum who will be away from your baby for several hours, you can use an electric breast pump. There are also companies that provide breast pump hire which can be easier on your budget. And as you will not be using a breast pump for a long time, it is a more sustainable solution as well. The pumping session for each mother can be different. But if you are in a hurry, an electric breast pump that allows you to pump both breasts at the same time will be more effective. You will be able to halve the pumping time.

There are also hands free breast pump options. This allows you to multitask when you are pumping and this is a great option for working or busy mothers. You can also find wearable options for breast pumps that can fit inside your bra. This way, you will not need to seek any privacy when you are pumping and it is a great way for pumping when you are working from home and you need to attend meetings and briefings online. The budget is an important consideration when it comes to the purchasing of a breast pump. You can check for offers and discounts in many baby stores. There are online shops where you can make a purchase as well. But you need to make sure that you research the credibility of the site before you make a purchase. And as stated above, hiring a breast pump is a great option as well.

Generally, an electric breast pump will cost more than a manual option. Make sure that you buy a personal use breast pump or look in-depth into how well sanitized the breast pumps are when you hire. You have to think about the ease of travelling with the breast pump and assembling it. It has to be easy to take the parts of the pump apart and clean it. Look at whether you can remove the parts of the pump that are in contact with your skin or the milk. If you are travelling, you have to look at the portability of the pump and how much it weighs.

A lightweight pump will be easy to take with you. You can also check whether the pump comes with a carrying case. Another consideration is the noise level of the pump. If you are pumping out of the home, you can look for pumps that are quieter.

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