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Importance of Custom Orthotics

Our feet have a big role to play when it comes to supporting the body weight. They are critical in facilitating our lifestyle and movement. There are certain issues that can cause discomfort such as biomechanical imbalances, high arches and flat feet. Custom orthotics can be used in certain instances so that your feet can be properly aligned and supported.

Custom orthotics Brighton can provide you with personalised support. Your biomechanics and foot anatomy will be unique and custom orthotics will match your feet’s specific contours. When you choose over-the-counter insoles, the fit may not be as perfect. When you tailor this support, it can be easy to address many foot conditions you have such as plantar fasciitis, high arches, flat feet etc. This will help your feet align properly and you will be able to prevent pain and discomfort.

Foot pain and discomfort can affect your quality of life. These are common issues and there are many causes for this such as improper alignment of the feet, overpronation, problems with the arch etc. You can ensure that these issues are addressed with the use of custom orthotics. This is done by providing targeted support for the feet. The orthotics will redistribute the pressure across the pain so that your pain is alleviated. You will be able to experience improved mobility as a result.

Overpronation and supination are biomechanical imbalances

This can give rise to many issues in your feet and lower limbs. Custom orthotics can help correct these imbalances by targeting the areas that need more support. This will reduce the strain on certain areas of your feet. This can also help you avoid developing stress fractures and bunions. These can occur as a result of poor biomechanics. To ensure your overall posture and joint health are good, you need to have proper foot alignment. By choosing custom orthotics, you can improve this alignment. This is done by supporting the arches of your feet and ensuring your feet are in a more neutral position. This wil have a positive effect on your knees, ankles, hips and the spine. The podiatrists will address the root cause of your foot misalignment so that your overall posture can be improved.

If you are an athlete

Your performance will be greatly affected by the biomechanics of your foot. The demands of sport can put more stress on your lower limbs and feet. But with custom orthotics, your feet can enjoy targeted support and stability. These also help with shock absorption. This allows the athletes to maintain proper foot mechanics when they are training or competing. This will bring down the risk of injuries and help improve your performance.

Hammertoes and bunions can be aggravated as a result of insufficient foot support. The progression of these deformities can be reduced by using custom orthotics. This can help prevent you from developing structural abnormalities later on. There are also certain medical conditions that have foot related complications such as arthritis and diabetes. With custom orthotics, these conditions can be better managed as you will have cushioning and additional support.

Kristofer Conner