Land Rover Discovery Sport vs. Competition

First introduced in 2014 the Land Rover Discovery Sport was launched to bring down the price point of the British brand to make it more accessible to a wider audience and to replace the ageing Freelander 2, which was dipping in popularity affecting sales.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport competes with other popular compact SUV models such as the Mercedes-Benz GLC-class, BMW X3 and Audi Q5. Though not as good as a Land Rover Defender for off-road driving, if you are looking for a comfortable yet sturdy SUV that can also take you off-road then, the Land Rover Discovery Sport might be just the vehicle for you. If you want to know more, speak to Land Rover Discovery Sport Perth and arrange for a test drive and/or a chat with a representative for a greater understanding of the specs.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

You would be hard-pressed to find many SUVs out there that can match the go-where-you-want specs of the 2022 Land Rover Discovery Sport that competes in the luxury compact SUV segment. The Land Rover Discovery Sport comes with an all-wheel drive capability and a distinctive interior that sets it apart from the competition. It also has multiple off-road tech functions and impressive water fording ability to truly live up to its Land Rover name and image. Even though the Land Rover Discovery Sport is smaller in size than one of its key competitors, the BMW X3, it has enough space for a second and third row of seats to pack 7 seats in all.


Versus competing luxury compact SUVs such as the Audi Q5 or the Land Rover Discovery Sport, the 2022 version of the BMW X3 has nothing to write home about. The car’s improvements have been minimal this year. Most of the improvements and additions to the 2022 model have been made around the look and feel of the car rather than the mechanics. There have been some colour additions to the range and the bumper is new. The headlights have got slimmer and there are new brake lights which have added to the overall visual appeal of the car.

Audi Q5

Living up to its nameas a tech-forwardluxury compact SUV,the 2022 version comes with a few tweaks to the 2021 model. While the tech-filled cabin with its infotainment on a touchscreen, great design and standard all-wheel drive as pros for the car, a few transmission issues, turbo lag (on the gas-only Q5) and tight leg room at the rear are drawbacks. The Q5’s high-end features and smart looks make it a key contender in the compact SUV segment against the likes of the BMW X3 and Land Rover Discovery Sport – a few reasons why the Q5 is by far the best-selling SUV in the US and a popular choice the world over. The Q5 however delivers on everyday city comfort more than performance. If you are looking for performance then Audi’s SQ5/SQ5 Sportback might be a better choice than the Q5.

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