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Tips for Creating a Minimalist Space at Home

Minimalism, you’ve probably heard of the term being used in various places. Radio, TV, social media. The concept is inescapable nowadays, but what does it really mean? It may surprise you to find out that Minimalism is actually an extreme art form pioneered in the early 90s that attempts to remove the element of personalization from an object. This means that the notion of minimalism prioritizes function over form. Though this can sound a little…heartless. The concept is excellent at producing clean spaces that emphasize elegance.

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Now back to the article,

There are 2 key concepts when you break minimalism down, so listen up and listen up well, you have some learning to do. The first concept to master are;


Now what do I mean by decluttering? You may think that decluttering is to go through your clothes and picking out the things that you don’t wear anymore. Wrong! Decluttering is a mindset characterized by ruthlessness. If you aren’t absolutely in love with something it goes in the trash bin. Now you may be asking, but what about the stuff that I’m not too sure about? Well, all I have to say is that if you have to ask, then you probably don’t love it so you should just let it go, into the ether, like a leaf blowing gently away in the wind. For more inspiration on what this means go and check out Marie Kondo’s work.

She is a Japanese organizing expert and her key concept when it comes to decluttering is that you should only keep the things that truly spark joy within you. And trust me you will be surprised by how many of your old jeans spark nothing but your latent dust allergy. So yeah, go through your home with a bag and be ruthless in deciding what sparks joy for you. Look at the object in question for a couple of seconds, find out if it does anything for you, then either throw it in the bag to donate to the dump or let it survive another day.

You still with me? Good, the next step is;


So, you’ve gotten rid of all the meaningless crap in your home, excellent. On to phase two. Organizing. This is the act of placing everything in your home into places that are appropriate to their function, frequency of use and aesthetic. What does this mean? It means having dedicated spaces for everything in your home, including the remote controls, the dinner wear, and your socks.

By following these principles, you realize just how cluttered your home is, and how beautiful it can look when it doesn’t have all that extra stuff in it.

Kristofer Conner

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