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What to Consider Before Buying Bedsheets?

You sleep between 6-8 hours each night, so why not take the time to review the various options available before deciding what you want to sink into at the end of each day. Bed sheets will last you several years if the quality is good, and you’ve taken the trouble to use them and wash them carefully. Because they last a few years, you can afford to spend a little extra to buy a quality set of sheets you will like.

Consider Having at Least Three Sets of Bed Sheets

One to use, one to wash and one as spare for each bed in your home. That works out to quite a lot of bed linen when you include the other items that go on a bed.

The obvious first consideration is the size of the sheets to fit your mattress, bed sheets single, bed sheets double, bed sheets queen or bed sheets king. Even though these are standard sizes, don’t assume the bed sheet corresponding to the size nomenclature of your bed will automatically fit perfectly.

Here are some considerations when choosing your next set of bed sheets.

Type of Fibre

Start by reading the fibre content of the bed sheet first. Be aware of blends such as cotton mixed with polyester and what this means for comfort and durability for you. 100% cotton is always a good choice for its softness and breathability, excellent for hot summer months, but more expensive than a blended fabric. Premium fibres such as Egyptian cotton will come at a premium but are worth the money if you are willing to pay more for superior softness and comfort.

Thread Count

There is a lot of attention given to thread count as an indicator of comfort and durability, however, a higher thread count is not necessarily more comfortable or durable than a sheet with a lower thread count. Choose a thread count between 300-500, anything less may be good but won’t be as comfortable and durable, while anything over 500 isn’t any better than what you would get with a 500-thread count. 


There are primarily only two types of weaves to choose from, either percale or sateen. The sateen weave is the preferred weave for many due to its smooth and silky texture. Percale has a crisp, lightness to it because of its grid-like weave.

Mattress Fit

Measure your mattress depth, length and breadth before you go shopping for bed sheets. Often, standard sizes such as double, or king sizes do not take into account mattress depth. Not having enough fall on all four sides of your mattress means you won’t be able to tuck your bed sheet under well enough to secure it in place.   

Sleeping Needs

Understanding your sleep needs and preference is a good way to determine the type of bed sheet you should be purchasing. Consider a breathable fabric with a percale weave or TENCEL fibre if you get hot and bothered under the covers and tend to sweat. Maybe you tend to get overly cold during winter, in which case a fabric such as flannel will be better suited.

Kristofer Conner