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What to Know About Stubby Holders?

Stubby holders are trendy in Australia and these basically drink accessories. They can be used for so many applications. Some use it as wedding favours and they are featured in many giveaways. They are also used as promotional items for corporate branding.

There are both casual and formal uses of the long neck stubby holder. You can use it when you are having a drink with your friends or having a meal with family. Stubby holders are moulded drink accessories that are used as a cover for drinks whether they are in cans or bottles. For warm weather, a cool drink is a great way of refreshing yourself and quenching your thirst.

But there is a lot of condensation that can occur outside of the bottle or can. It will drip onto your hand or the table and it can be a little difficult to hold in the midday sun. And once you take the drinks out of the cooler or the fridge, they will immediately start to warm up and you will be left with a warm drink if you keep it for a while. Stubby holders are commonly made of neoprene. This is the same material that is used to make wetsuits. Stubby holders were made to keep the drinks cool for some time in the hot sun. And the nature of the material is such that it will help you grip the bottle or can better. This is made possible because your hand will be dry as the condensation of the drink will be kept between the stubby holder and the bottle.

Stubby holders are a popular promotional item in Australia and you can use so many designs. The manufacturers that specialise in making these stubby holders offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to the design. So if you are a company that wants to give these out as promotional gifts, you can have the company name and logo printed on the stubby holder. You can also get a custom-made design if you are thinking of gifting it to a loved one. You can get the recommendations of the staff when creating the design. Some websites have a feature where you can upload the design online which makes for a more straightforward process.

Stubby holders do a great job of insulating your drink and you will be able to enjoy it for longer in the midday sun. And the name “stubby “originated in Australia and this was the term used for beer bottles that were short and fat.

Neoprene, which is the material that stubby holders are made of, is a synthetic rubber and is resistant to UV rays. It is also water-resistant and the rubber can be printed on easily. You will notice a difference between a bottle that has a stubby holder and a bottle that doesn’t just by checking the temperature of the drink. The UV resistance of neoprene makes a big difference in keeping your drink cold for a certain duration.

Kristofer Conner