Do Something Small to Save Earth

We all live in a world which pollution is more than in previous decades. Environmental pollution has become a big problem these days. There can be so many types of pollution like air pollution, water pollution and land pollution.

There can also be other types of pollution like noise pollution, radiation pollution and so on. Pollution is the process in which normal structure of above mentioned factors are changed and can cause different effects on humans. Even though we think that pollution cannot affect us individually it is actually affecting all of us individually.

Let us see more about pollution and its effects on humans and how we can help manage pollutions and avoid pollution. When the environment is getting polluted there will not be anything for the future generation. Natural resources are very important.  We have so much of these natural resources, when we exploit them the future generation will not have such natural resources. It’s going to be so hard for them to survive in the world.

When we consider about air, one of the most important component that we need to survive. As we all know we cannot survive without oxygen. Oxygen is present in the air so we don’t have any problem in finding oxygen. Air can be polluted by various gases like carbon monoxide released into the environment. Can be due to our own activities like burning of fossil fuel and deforestations. We can help prevent pollution by planting more trees and using modern filters to avoid putting harmful gases into the environment.

Water pollution can be one of the main reasons why most of the people and aquatic organisms die. Water pollution can be very harmful and lead to many health consequences and also other problems. Water is very important for all of us to survive; water is a main substance which is required to perform normal functions of human body. Little did we know that the detergents we use can have substance which can pollute water?  So it is better to use eco friendly laundry detergent. This is a small way in which you can help stop pollution of water in a small possible way.

Land pollution can be another problem. This is when the lands get polluted by different substances like fertilizers and different chemicals. Land pollution is when different types of waste materials and non biodegradable substances are dumped into lands. Earth has a property of degrading all the organic substances which are dumped into lands. But when it’s non-biodegradable substances it can contaminate the land and cause other problems. It is important that we don’t buy such substances and contaminate the land. It is good to think about avoiding such substances and educate others about such pollutions and stopping them from buying such products.

These are few ways which we can follow individually to avoid pollutions and help save the environment. When environment get polluted we can get so many other diseases as health can get deteriorated.

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