The Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is one of those magical liquids that power the world on a daily basis. Could you imagine if all the coffee in the world just up and vanished one day? I’m guessing that half the workforce would be absolutely unbearable to be around. Coffee lovers are notoriously grumpy without their cup of Joe in the morning. And for good reason! Coffee boosts your morning and kickstarts your brain into action. First thing in the morning there’s nothing like a fresh cup of coffee.

If you’re reading this, chances are good that you like enjoying a good strong cup of coffee in the morning. Have you switched to pods yet? Take a look into the best coffee pods for a good cup of coffee in the morning.

Before looking into the health benefits of coffee we have to look into.

What Is Coffee?

Coffee is a drink that is made by brewing roasted coffee beans. The coffee beans are sources from the berries of the coffee plant, which grows in several parts of the world. There are two forms of coffee. Which is the Arabica and the Robusta, and like anything that comes from the earth, the altitude and the region where the coffee is grown imbues it with a specific flavor, which is why you will find that many coffeeholics have their own specific location that they like to get their coffee from.

Coffee itself has many health boosting properties, one of them being that it is laden with polyphenols which bestow upon the drinker lots of protective antioxidants.

So, let’s get into it, what are the health benefits of coffee?

·         Coffee Can Help You Live Longer

Studies have shown that consuming up to three cups of coffee a day can boost your lifespan by lessening your likelihood of heart disease. Of course, the studies don’t go to fully show what the specific mechanism is that is in play, however this is still extraordinarily good news. Coffee lovers can celebrate!

·         Increases Performance

It has been conclusively proven that coffee has direct effects on memory, mood, and cognitive function, meaning that it can make you smarter in the short run. Of course, this only applies if you imbibe a reasonable amount. If you overdo it, you will just end up as a jittery mess. Studies also suggest that coffee and bolster the body and increase athletic performance.

·         Could Boost Metabolism

Metabolism is basically the number of calories that your body burns in the state of rest, this is a remarkable finding because it lends a bit of credibility to the thought that coffee can aid in weight loss. Metabolic rate is highly important when it comes to burning fat and through the studies are still relatively new, they show promising results.

·         Supports Brain Function

We alluded to this one before, but coffee may actually help in staving off dementia and Alzheimer’s. Of course, as with most studies looking into the benefits of coffee, the results are still inconclusive with follow up studies needing to be done. In essence though, coffee has plenty of health-boosting properties that cannot be denied.

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