The Three Types of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are like a little magical piece of equipment that restores the somewhat visually impaired amongst us back to perfect vision and they do it while being unintrusive comfortable, and very elegant. The numbers don’t lie; we absolutely love contact lenses and according to the data over 30 Mn Americans wear contact lenses in their daily lives. That’s a pretty good amount.

Contact lenses are also one of the more technologically savvy products that we have in our world. They have evolved over the years and the people that found it difficult to wear contact lenses in the past may find that it is far more comfortable and enjoyable to wear contact lenses nowadays. So, if you’re looking for contact lenses you can check out dry eye disease treatment for some great products.

This article will help you make up your mind on which type of contact lenses is best for you and for your lifestyle because guess what there is more than one type of lens. Of course, this is just for your reference, because your eye doctor will have their own recommendations as well (but you should inquire about the types if you’re interested).

The three types are: Soft contact lenses, Gas permeable contact lenses and Hybrid contact lenses.

Soft Lenses

Soft lenses are called hydrogel lenses and they are comprised mostly of water do that it matches the composition of the eye itself. This gives them a slippery gel feel. Because of their malleability and flexibility soft lenses are very easy to put in and take off and, they are also extremely comfortable for everyday use. Due to their ease of use, soft lenses are the most popular form of contact lens.

Rigid Gas Permeable Lens

These are very different to soft lenses. Made of a type of transparent plastic, these lenses give the wearer sharp, defined vision, compared to the slightly softer focus of the soft lens. They also are gas permeable meaning that they provide more oxygen to the surface of the eye than the soft gel lens Yes, the surface of your eye needs oxygen too, and deprived of it for too long, the surface of the eye will start experiencing problems. Due to their rigid feel and somewhat thicker nature, it can be tough for some individuals to feel comfortable in these hence why this is the less popular version compared to soft lenses.

Hybrid Lenses

Like most good things in life, the hybrid lenses combine the better of two worlds into one package. Hybrid lenses are essentially comprised of a rigid gas permeable lens center surrounded by a bit of soft lens. This basically combines the sharpness of the GP lens and the comfort of the soft lens. Of course, this benefit comes at a price with hybrid lenses being generally more expensive than either of its constituent lenses. But we can expect that because good things don’t come cheap. However, what you get for the money you spend is the best lens in the market.

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