The Varieties of Car Keys

For many people, the car is one of the most significant and precious investments that they will make in their lives, and for good reason. They are typically the second most expensive investment that a person will make, second only to their homes. Automobiles have advanced in the level of technology that they use and that is apparent in every aspect of it including the key.

It may surprise you that there are many different types of keys out there, including the regular mechanical key, remote key, smart key, and valet keys. But they all play a similar and vital role in improving the safety of the car and making sure that only you can access your automobile. There can however be problems that can plague any car key, including water damage, physical damage, and a battery running flat. And to rectify those issues you will need an expert in keys such as car key specialists. They are a professional team of car heads who stop at nothing to ensure that your keys work perfectly. Contact them today for help with one of the most important pieces of technology that your car needs.

There are several types of keys out there and the first one that we will be talking about is the originator, the classic, and in many ways the most reliable. That is the mechanical key. The mechanical key is the most basic key that you will be able to see on older model vehicles. They consist of a cut metal key that is used to turn the ignition manually. Generally speaking, you don’t need any special equipment to make a metal key. It is only a machine that can cut metal precisely.

The next up on the list is called the remote key. The remote key is what most modern cars come equipped with. They are usually used to lock and unlock a car without actually inserting the key into any keyhole. How it usually works is that the remote will send an infrared signal or radio wave to the receiver in the car making it lock. These remote keys work on battery power and will usually have two or more buttons on them as well as a spare physical key, stored within them.

Flip-style keys are also fairly commonplace; they are also called switchblade keys. How it works is that there is a mechanism inside the key fob that is under tension and can be activated to release the mechanical shaft that is hidden inside the key fob. Basically, it works in a similar fashion to a retractable blade on some knives; hence the name is switchblade key.

Another style of the key is called the valet key. The valet key is a key intended for use by valets as they can only lock, unlock and turn on the car. But they aren’t able to open the glove compartment or the trunk of the car. Keys are extremely important pieces of equipment, and we need to treat them with care.

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