What to Know About Collagen Supplements?

Collagen supplements have become quite popular over the last few years and we are still looking into how this benefits our health. But before you start adding it to your diet, you need to carry out sufficient research to get an idea of what they do and whether they can actually help your wellbeing.

Collagen is a protein that is commonly found in the body. Proteins are required to build and repair muscle and they help in transporting fat-soluble vitamins. Specific proteins have specific functions. When it comes to collagen, it contributes to healthy skin, muscles, ligaments, joints, bones, eyes, hair, blood vessels etc. It acts like glue by keeping the body together. But collagen production in the body decreases with age. Collagen helps to build muscle mass in our body and it contributes to a healthy metabolism.

Most of the advertisements you may have seen with regard to collagen may be in relation to the skin. There is a lot of skincare that focuses on having collagen as a key ingredient. But how is this related to healthy skin? Collagen can help plump the skin and helps create a more youthful countenance. So it is heavily used in skincare to improve the appearance of the skin and assist with signs of ageing.

You may have seen collagen supplements in the supermarket as well and they are categorized as type I and type II. Collagen supplements can be found as powder or capsules. But you need to be aware of the quality of the collagen supplement Australia before you decide to purchase it. You can ask your family doctor what they think of introducing collagen supplements to your diet. It is always best to ask your healthcare provider before you add a supplement as there can be interactions with the medicine that you already take or there can be certain considerations that apply to taking these supplements. When selecting a collagen supplement, you need to select hydrolyzed collagen so that it is in a smaller and easier to absorb form.

You may also see products that have a lot of artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and other filler ingredients. It is best to stay away from these. You can check for reviews of different collagen supplements and sites that compare the effectiveness of different supplement types to get an idea of what to purchase.

Generally, high-quality collagen supplements don’t have any flavor so you can easily add them to food or beverages. The cost of the supplements has to be considered and cheaper versions may have certain issues. You need to speak to your healthcare provider about how long to stay on the supplements as it is not advised to take them indefinitely. Generally, they are recommended to be used for about three months at a time. However, in addition to supplements, you can add collagen-rich food to your diet as well. Some examples are eggs, red meat, fish, dairy and bone broth. These foods are rich in lysine and glycine. You should also make sure that you eat a balanced diet with sufficient fruits and vegetables.

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