Tips for Selecting Cowboy Boots

You may have seen cowboy boots in many Western movies but despite what they show, you don’t need to ride a horse to wear cowboy boots. These boots are instantly recognizable as part of the Country Western culture and they have a timeless sense of fashion. In addition to looking good, they are also very practical.

Many people tend to think that cowboy boots are uncomfortable but this is far from the truth. You can check pure western clothing and accessories to find comfortable cowboy boots that have certain flair. The first thing you need to do is make sure that the size is correct. Different brands will have different sizing so if you are ordering online, make sure that you ask for a size chart so that you can measure your feet and choose the correct size. However, you will have a better understanding of its comfort when you visit a physical store to try it out. You need to make sure that the boot is snug at the ball of the foot and the instep. There can be a period for adjustment as the cowboy boots will not be very comfortable at the beginning. You will need to break it in so that it forms to your foot shape. So wear them for short periods of time in the beginning until you find yourself becoming comfortable with them.

There are different soles that you can choose as well and this will depend on the type of activity you will be wearing the boots for. Rubber soles are more durable than leather soles and they are a lot thicker as well. But generally, you will not be able to re-sole the boots if you purchase one with a rubber sole. These are not recommended for people who are on their feet constantly or for people working at a construction site. Many cowboy boots that come with leather sole are great for dancing because they allow you to glide across the dance floor. But in the beginning, you will find they are quite slippery and it will take some use for the sole to be scuffed up. So when you purchase leather soled cowboy boots, you need to make sure that you step carefully to avoid a fall.

There are different toe and heel options when it comes to cowboy boots. You have to make sure your toes don’t feel cramped when you try on the boot. The size of the tow box can’t be changed so you need to be sure of this before you purchase it. Some of the different heels that you can find are walking heels and riding heels.

You have to choose a style that will help you walk in comfort as well as provide a fashion statement. You may find that your heel tends to slip especially in the case of hard leather soles. But this tendency will reduce once you break-in the boots. You will find that the boot slowly changes its form to fit the shape of your foot over time and this will prevent your heel from slipping.

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